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Increase your exposure as a real estate agent with our technology

With Nodalview, you can generate more visits and sales through impactful visual communication. Our integrated and connected solution will revolutionize your way of working.

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An innovative solution to showcase your expertise

Nodalview is the ideal solution for your visual communication and personal branding. It combines 4 tools to help you reach your prospects through a diversified visual communication strategy.

Revolutionize your way of working

Nodalview allows you to capture, manage and publish quality visual resources from your smartphone. Discover an overview of the many advantages our solution has to offer.

NV_Icon_Simple Easy to use

Thanks to an intuitive design and an integrated tutorial, shooting your properties becomes virtually effortless.

NV_Icon_Efficient Instant result Take a picture in less than 10 seconds and capture a complete panorama in under a minute.
NV__Phone mobile app

All you need to use Nodalview is a smartphone where you can download our app on iOS or Android.

NV_Icons_Customer Success support

Our team of consultants is there to help you with all your needs on a daily basis.

Stand out from the crowd and create more sales opportunities

With Nodalview you increase not only your visibility but also your performance. You will boost your reputation and will develop an added value that will differentiate you from your competitors. 

10,000 users worldwide
30,000 shots per day
250K properties shot per year
x4 additional views on your ads


You can pick and choose between a lens, tripod, nodal arm, motor, etc. Nodalview offers you complete accessory kits to make your visual aesthetic come to life.

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