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Time for acceleration!

The global real estate market cooldown isn’t holding us back. We have achieved sustained growth and continue to win new market share. We have secured an investment round of €4M to fuel our ambition to become the #1 platform for real estate professionals and take advantage of the unique current market conditions.
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Stay ahead of your competition with floor plans

When it comes to property listings, including floor plans can have a huge impact - 93% of buyers say that they are more likely to view a property with a floor plan. Discover why you need to include floor plans in your listings and how to get started!
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How to get the most out of your Ricoh Theta images

The Ricoh Theta camera is popular in the real estate industry for many reasons. But how exactly can you use it and what innovative ways are there to use it for your real estate marketing? Here is your guide to get the most out of your Ricoh Theta images combined with Nodalview’s technology.
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How to become the real estate seller's first choice?

How can you be chosen as the partner of a sale? Here’s an overview of the best practices to attract prospects and convince them of your ability.
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No Client Reviews... No Real Estate Clients

Before choosing a hotel or a restaurant, do you take a good look at the reviews from previous guests? So why would it be different in real estate when the stakes are much higher than in a restaurant? Skipping customer reviews is not an option today. Let us explain why.
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The holy grail of estate agents: the exclusive mandate

It’s ok to admit it, you dream of signing nothing but exclusive mandates. We agree. It’s not always a done deal though, but if you haven’t failed, you haven’t tried. So if you want to sign a lot more exclusive mandates, we explain the secrets of those familiar with this process. And, above all, help you take action.