The 10 most frequently asked questions about virtual guided tours

The guided virtual tour is in full expansion. More and more real estate agents are using it, but many are still wondering about this new process. To help you see more clearly, we have selected the most frequently asked questions about the guided virtual tour.

What is a guided virtual tour?

A guided virtual tour lets you give tours of a property to clients from anywhere, without having to travel. They’re beneficial because you can combine the advantages of your people skills with technology to save you time.

Perhaps most importantly, they let you qualify your leads so you only invite the best buyers to in-person tours – streamlining your whole sales process.

What are the advantages of organising a guided virtual tour?

By offering your clients the opportunity to join a guided virtual tour you give them:

  • High quality content: with a guided virtual tour, you offer your customers a unique and modern service. You’ll stand out from the competition on a local level and attract new customers.
  • Immersive content that impresses: organize guided virtual tours that closely matches the property itself.

But it’s not just your customers that get a better experience, there are advantages for agents too, like:

  • Maximum reach and maximum gain: 85% of future buyers want to make an online visit before making an in-person tour.
  • Find the right customer for your property: qualify your customers in advance to invite only the best and most interested buyers to in-person tours of the property.

Let’s look at the benefits of the guided virtual tour for agents in more detail:

Pre-qualify your customers

Guided virtual tours let you effectively pre-select your leads, saving you time to spend on your business. By qualifying your leads virtually, you can invite only the most interested candidates to visit your properties in-person. So there’s no more wasting time with multiple in-person tours without a real commitment to buy.

Get more exclusive agreements

Offering virtual guided tours gives you an undeniable competitive advantage in the real estate market. You show sellers you have commercial techniques and technology they simply can’t access. Being able to convince clients you’re the best person for the job ultimately means winning more agreements, especially exclusive ones. A survey of 5,000 users by Belgium's leading real estate portal showed that 80% of owners prefer to entrust their property exclusively to an agent offering guided virtual tours.

Keep the human touch

Guided virtual tours give you and your buyers the best of both worlds. We know buyers are looking for modern listings with immersive content, but guided virtual tours let you go one step further. You can combine your tours with your knowledge and people skills to create a first-class experience. It’s something private individuals just can’t replicate.

Do properties sell faster and at a higher price with the guided virtual tour?

An accelerated sales process

Agents offering a virtual guided tour accelerate their sales. According to a Se Loger study, properties sell five times faster with an ad including a guided virtual tour. And sales time is reduced by 21 days on average.

An unproven price increase

There is still no study proving that properties can be sold at a higher price thanks to the virtual guided tours. However, in the United States, many agents testify that they have sold their expensive properties with offers of $10,000 above the asking price thanks to the guided virtual tour alone.

What's the difference between a virtual tour and a guided virtual tour?

Virtual tours are a pre-recorded video that lets interested buyers take a look around the property online but with virtual tours you have no live interaction with your customers.

A guided virtual tour lets you conduct a live tour completely remotely. You guide your customers through the property and interact with them live through video and an integrated chat. If the customer seems uninterested, you can even switch to another property and start a guided virtual tour there to regain their interest.

Is a guided virtual tour like an in-person tour?

The guided virtual tour is the technique that comes closest to an in-person tour.

Solutions like Nodalview integrate a live platform that lets you interact with your customers during the tour. After you’ve sent an email invitation to your customers, you can start the guided virtual tour together.

You have complete control during the tour. You choose the links and details you want to highlight, and you can also choose to let your customers explore the property under your supervision.

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Do visitors have to be together behind the same device to visit the property at the same time?

No. The guided virtual tour is accessible to anyone with a connection link. You can send this link to your customers but also to their relatives wherever they are. They’ll be able to follow the visit individually or in group without having to be in the same place.

Is it possible to show another property during the guided virtual tour?

Yes, you have access to all the virtual tours you have created with Nodalview. You can switch from one to another with a simple click.

Is it possible to visit a property remotely from a smartphone?

Your customers can access the virtual tour from their computer, but also from their smartphone. So they can follow the visit wherever they are, provided they have a good internet connection.

Does a guided virtual tour help me grow my business?

Definitely. Guided virtual tours are increasing in popularity and demand by both customers and agents, because:

  • Sales become easy: the selling process is simplified and doesn’t take as much time
  • Efficient pre-qualification of prospects: you find the right customer for the right property
  • Strong informed sales conversations: do what you’re best at and combine your people skills with technology
  • Positive experiences: it’s an experience as close to real property as possible, without extra hassle of in-person tours for both buyers and agents
  • Positive reviews: your customer will give you positive reviews and word of mouth recommendations based on their first-class experience

Now you have all the information you need to start offering guided virtual tours for your properties. To go further, download our quick guide on the #1 secret of the most efficient real estate agent in the business.


To sum up


If people have the opportunity to join a virtual tour when they see a listing, there is a greater chance they will click the listing. Candidates get a realistic picture of the property so they immediately know whether it meets their requirements.


The virtual tour can be done when someone clicks on your ad. A guided virtual tour is much more personal because you have constant interaction with the visitors. When you give a guided virtual tour and the property does not appeal to the visitors, another property is only a click away.


The guided virtual tour has numerous advantages:

  • Time saving: 10 minutes is enough to show a property online
  • Flexibility: you no longer have to travel for each visit
  • Control: even without being present on the spot, you have control over the tour
  • Qualification: pre-qualify a prospect so you can select proceed with the truly interested customers