Isabelle Fueyo 10.10.2022

How to differentiate yourself from competitors?

How to differentiate yourself from competitors to be more visible and capture more market share. Isn’t that what we all want to know? To defeat this commercial challenge it is important to carry out the right marketing actions to be seen and recognized as a real estate reference by your future clients. Here are a few tips to help you stand out from the real estate agencies in your area.

1. A competitor analysis
2. The right services
3. A strong brand identity

1. A competitor analysis

Yes, a competitive analysis is essential for any estate agency that wants to stand out. So determine the strengths and weaknesses of the agencies in your area. Then, analyse their sales, marketing and digital strategies and define their positioning.


"Be curious and try to understand the market. Be present where your competitors are by looking at the most sought-after properties in the sector that have not been on the market yet," explains Romain Cartier, real estate expert. “Also, don't forget that you also have to study their potential and existing customers because you will also be prospecting them.” Thanks to these analyses and market studies, you will be able to detect the needs of your future clients. Standing out from the crowd also means offering services that meet your customers' expectations, rather than those offered by your competitors!

2. The right services

To attract your future customers and stand out from your competition, focus on the services that you provide to your customers. First of all, use digital tools to highlight your properties that are for sale. 

"The idea is to highlight additional services such as the use of videos, virtual visits or of a top-notch photo service in all your communication," says Romain Cartier. “And you can also provide services to your clients to be their preferred agent, such as advising on any work that should be done, advising removal and storage services and offering property diagnostics.” 70% of sellers say that having the diagnostics taken care of is a major factor in their choice of an agent. So, surround yourself with several diagnostic partners to ensure a fast service for your sellers.


Use high quality photos 

You should know that beautiful visuals are decisive for the performance of your real estate ads. 84% of internet users believe that a photo is the most useful element when searching for a property. So, to attract buyers and satisfy your sellers, it is essential to take photos like a pro. Thanks to Nodalview’s tools and integrated features, you can take professional photos directly from your smartphone.

Good to know - Each Nodalview virtual tour that is linked to an ad published on a property website, is viewed 249 times, on average - Want to test the virtual tour? Book a free demo!


Offer virtual visits 

Thanks to the virtual visit, your prospects can visit your properties online in a few clicks. This is a time saver both for the real state agent and the client as it limits the number of physical visits. The virtual visit is also a differentiating factor that will allow you to develop your brand image. It is not that common to include a virtual tour, so it can be a great opportunity to stand out from the crowd. 

The virtual tour allows your prospects to enjoy an immersive and engaging experience that is easy to access, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. And to top it all off, easy-to-use tools like those offered by Nodalview allow you to create professional quality tours with a smartphone in about 20 minutes.

Good to know - Visitors spend about 4 minutes on an ad with a virtual visit and less than 1 minute on an ad with only photos

Use 3d decoration

For sellers who do not wish to modify their property or who cannot store their furniture (for the time of the sale for example), 3D decoration allows them to "renovate" the rooms. And, virtual home staging attracts buyers’ attention. Another advantage of 3D decoration is that it can be particularly useful for empty properties, as it allows you to imagine the house despite the lack of actual furniture. A win for both your seller and buyer! And a satisfied customer will always recommend you.

💡 Pro tip - Offer customers with kids childcare services so that they can visit properties more easily or it could help them on moving day.

3. A strong brand identity

Once you have identified your competitive advantages and have drawn up a list of the services you wish to promote, it is important to communicate them on every channel. From your commercial materials, to social networks and newsletters. For example: broadcast photos or virtual visits of your most atypical offers, make a video of one of your clients' house-warming parties or show the before and after of rooms with 3D decoration.


A Lyon-based real estate agency came up with a rather original idea. They highlight the interiors of their clients in the form of portraits every month in their blog and on their Instagram account. A way to get to know inspiring personalities and to honor their clients.

If you are involved in neighborhood life, don't hesitate to share it! Events such as the opening of new shops or practical information from the town hall can make the difference. This proximity often pays off in terms of standing out and being in your customer’s realm of awareness.

Yann Khalil, Associate Director of Batignolles Immobilier, is very experienced in a high level of competition. There are more than 15 real estate agencies in his street in Paris in the 17th district. For the past 11 years, this independent agency has been doing well. Kahlil explains, "differentiation is above all a question of people, we attract what we are. So I decided to have a hyper-local commercial strategy and as much digital as possible while having a store front agency."

Having a strong brand identity combining communication and marketing actions while offering extra services will be key to differentiate yourself from competitors. This will position your agency as the first choice for future clients.


Isabelle Fueyo

French Sales Representative

To sum up

What can you do to differentiate yourself from competitors?

For starters analyze your competitors, then focus in offering the right extra services for your clients and work on your brand identity. This combination will help you differentiate yourself from the competition and become the first choice for future clients.