Philippe Courtois 02.11.2021

How to give a first-class experience to buyers and sellers

We’ve already talked about the importance of a streamlined sales process (read it here), but it’s not just about saving time. By optimising your sales process you can give both your buyers and sellers a first-class experience, and ultimately more loyalty and more sales.

The impact of a strong buying experience

Impress them by raising the bar

The most important part of your business is meeting client expectations. Happy clients means better results. Used to an on-demand lifestyle thanks to Amazon and Netflix, buyers and sellers have raised the bar for what they expect from a real estate agent.

A strong buying experience is key to successful selling. High quality visuals, immersive content like virtual tours and a considerate approach all combine to offer a modern and impressive experience with satisfaction guaranteed.

Create long-term loyalty

Exceeding a client’s expectations is priceless. It’s a strong marker of professionalism and capability and that leads to long-term loyalty and more listings. In fact, 80% of consumers are more likely to commit to brands offering experiences personalised to them.


Win with word of mouth

You’ve impressed them with your content, and earned their trust with your skills. But a great experience doesn’t just win you one client. 78% of people rave about their best recent experiences to people they know at least once per week. Meaning a first-class experience has the potential to earn you not one, but multiple clients.

The importance for real estate agents to take care of their buying experience

Be the best agent locally

Become the best agent in your area by combining these three skills: an impressive experience, exceeding expectations and word of mouth recommendations. They’ll make sure you’re the first agent a client thinks of when buying, selling or renting a property. 

The best agents are contacted directly by their clients, so they spend less time on prospecting and more time on what matters – their business.

Trade experience for exclusivity

A first-class buying experience is a great way to win any listing. Who can argue with the results of an immersive and innovative approach when 73% of homeowners say they’re more likely to list with a real estate agent offering property videos and virtual tours.

Leverage your streamlined sales process and modern approach to sign more exclusive agreements with your sellers. Show them the exclusive service you can provide, the immersive content and efficient process from start to finish to win them over.

Guided virtual tour - Nodalview

Show them selling is easy, but only with you

With the tools and technology to succeed, selling is easy. The hard part is convincing sellers to sign with you. 30% of private individuals think they don’t need the services of a real estate agent to sell their property.

But we know real estate agents are worth it. Private sellers don’t have the tools or time to list and sell their property. The amount of in-person tours alone would take up most of their valuable time. Show them why you’re the best person for the job with guided virtual tours to pre-select the best buyers and a streamlined process that results in quick sales and higher offers.

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To wrap up

Real estate agents aren’t going anywhere. The best agents combine their knowledge and confidence with tools and technology to convince people they’re the best person for the job. And so can you. Turn these tips into actions or read more about how a streamlined sales process can save you time and boost your business here.


Philippe Courtois

In charge of communication at Nodalview, I am interested in the growing influence of digital in the real estate industry.

In brief

How can I offer a modern and impressive experience with satisfaction guaranteed?
All you have to do is combine:
  • high quality visuals
  • immersive content like virtual tours
  • a considerate approach
Why is it important to have an immersive and innovative approach?

It's important because 73% of homeowners say they’re more likely to list with a real estate agent offering property videos and virtual tours.