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Pablo Naert 02.11.2021

Discover the true potential of your listing by being on top of your marketing

Markets are constantly evolving. Remember how transferring money from one bank account to ...
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Philippe Courtois 02.11.2021

How to give a first-class experience to buyers and sellers

We’ve already talked about the importance of a streamlined sales process (read it here), ...
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Pablo Naert 25.10.2021

The hidden value of today's estate agent

Requesting the help of a real estate agent or selling by yourself? It’s a question many ...
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Pablo Naert 25.10.2021

How can you sell faster and increase your selling price at the same time?

The traditional sales process in real estate is very time-consuming for real estate ...
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Pablo Naert 23.09.2021

How to use digital technology to stand out as a real estate agent in a hyper-competitive market

We don't have to tell estate agents: the competition in the market today is cut-throat. ...
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Pablo Naert 20.09.2021

Virtual tours, real results

The statistics are clear: buyers are demanding virtual tours. And it’s no wonder, a good ...
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Pablo Naert 10.08.2021

Creating a customer-centric culture

Product and price used to be the two most important aspects when it came to customer ...
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Pablo Naert 06.08.2021

Turning to TikTok for selling success

TikTok has enjoyed enormous growth ever since its release in 2016 and since then has ...
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Ludmila Palladitcheff 26.11.2020

Nodalview new fundraising reaches €4.1 million!

Nodalview raises €4.1m to expand its all-in-one real estate photography solution to ...
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Ludmila Palladitcheff 31.08.2020

How to create an impactful real estate video?

By 2021, video should account for 80% of all internet traffic according to a recent Cisco ...
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