Jonas Chanteclair, Product Marketing Manager (Transaction products) at Cimalpes - group of 18 independent agencies in 15 different stations in the French Alps

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Cimalpes' directors met Nodalview for the first time at the 2021 edition of the real estate convention RENT in Paris. Since then, Jonas has taken over the Nodalview project to implement virtual guided tours within their 18 agencies, helping them to become an efficient, digital, and modern real estate group.

Already using Matterport to capture their 360° images, Cimalpes integrates them into the Nodalview platform to manage the property files and to organize online virtual viewings through the Nodalview guided virtual tour feature.

What is the biggest advantage of doing guided virtual tours for you?

Upscale your Matterport 3D images with the Nodalview experience

Why is it important to keep up with the digitisation of the industry for real estate agents?

How do you see the real estate agent of tomorrow?

"The real estate agent of the future will be more digital and focused on making the customer journey easier and faster. They will use innovative technologies, such as virtual guided tours and digital marketing solutions, to provide the best customer experience possible. These agents will have the ability to give customers a real-time, interactive experience and present properties from every angle, helping customers make decisions quickly and easily."

"By leveraging digital and innovative solutions like Nodalview, real estate agents can streamline their services and provide customers with a more efficient, customer-centric experience.”

Jonas Chanteclair Product Marketing at Cimalpes

In sum:

  • Combining Nodalview technology with Matterport images? The ultimate combo.
    Nodalview and Matterport have joined forces to bring an innovative real estate experience to the market. Cimalpes has leveraged Nodalview's platform to create a virtual experience that meets customer needs. Cimalpes has embraced digitization, and Nodalview's platform has enabled them to provide an immersive, high-quality experience for customers.

  • Guided virtual tours in practice
    Do you have clients buying multiple homes from far away? Showcase your portfolio quickly with the ability to jump from one property to the next. View full range of homes in short space of time. Save time and get to know clients' needs better. Ensure efficient and effective property viewing experience.

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