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Côté Particuliers

Jean-Philippe Crouau, President at Côté Particuliers & Adrien Poveda, Marketing & Communications Manager at Côté Particuliers

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2022 ? TBC

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User-friendly, innovation and enhancement

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Jean-Philippe and Adrien have been looking for a way to make their network more digitally advanced, and have found in Nodalview the perfect partner to help them achieve that goal. Nodalview virtual tours are a clear favourite with Côté Particuliers, given their outstanding quality and the countless ways they can be diffused, making them a great choice for the network's digital transformation.

Learn more about the advantages of Nodalview virtual tours and how they can help Côté Particuliers reach their goals by reading the article below.

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Adrien Poveda:
"The job of real estate agents has seen a dramatic transformation in recent years, and this trend is only set to continue in the coming years. The digitisation of real estate has posed a major challenge to agents, as they are expected to remain abreast of the latest technology, while still providing a personalised field service and staying in touch with their local neighbourhood. Yet, it is essential for agents to stay ahead of the curve when it comes to tools and technology, as it will enable them to offer a professional service in an efficient and timely manner. In order to remain competitive, agents must employ the latest tools to innovate and offer their clients the best possible service."

"Modern estate agents should adopt the tools that enable them to meet and exceed their clients' expectations. This will demonstrate our service as real estate professionals and help us stand out in this hyper-competitive market.”

Jean-Philippe Crouau President at Côté Particuliers

In sum:

  • Virtual tours, once seen as "gadget", it is now a must-have for every real estate agency
    Not only buyers appreciate the time saved that comes with using estate agents' professional tools, but sellers also benefit from having their properties showcased in the most attractive way, allowing them to benefit from the services that estate agents offer. These services not only add value to their offering but also help to promote their business and make it stand out from the competition, ensuring that their properties are seen in the best possible light.

  • You can be creative with the usage of your digital tools to reach as many potential customers as possible
    Virtual tools can be diffused through various channels, such as CRM systems, virtual tours, and social media. No matter the route, virtual tools can be integrated into your real estate marketing strategy.

  • Finally, it is still essential to take a human-centered approach in the real estate industry
    Digital tools are an incredible asset when it comes to boosting your performance, allowing you to tailor your services to the specific needs of all your potential customers. By utilising these tools to their full potential, you can ensure that you are always maximising opportunities and getting the most out of your services.

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