Real Estate Floor Plans

Fast and automatic floor plans, only when you need them

Power up your real estate marketing with comprehensive floor plans captured in less than 5 minutes. No sketches or measurements required.

Accessible whenever you need it

Add floor plans to your listing services on selected properties with Nodalview’s application. Ready to use whenever and wherever you want. Full autonomy!

Fast, professional and affordable

Capture your property with Nodalview’s application by simply scanning the floorboards and get your professional floor plan delivered in just 24 hours. Pay only when you need them, on the go with Nodalview credits.

Listings that customers will love

Floor plans are the second most appreciated feature on a listing after photos. Delight your customers with a comprehensive floor plan, ideal for illustrating your property’s layout.

"With Nodalview I save on time and efficiency. Thanks to the fast process, I am always the first to publish my ads.”

Jean de Gouvion de Saint Cyr Agency Director

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