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Revamp the way you show your properties

Much more than a virtual tour, our property tour 3.0 allows you to control the presentation of your properties effectively. Interact with your leads as if you were on an on-site visit.

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Revamp the way you show your properties

You only need 10 minutes to visit a property. With online access, you can easily switch from one property to another with just one click.

NV_Icons_DASHBOARD Flexible

Organize visits from the comfort of your office without the need to go on site. With a group of people or with clients living abroad, the possibilities are endless with our solution.

NV_Icons__RESTER EN CONTACT Maximum Control

Choose the ideal scenario to display your property. From beginning to end, you are in control and are able to decide what your customers can experience in their visit. 

NV_Icons__QUALIFIER LES CLIENTS Optimal qualification

By anticipating your customer's expectations online, you maximize your efforts and limit physical visits to only those properties that are leading to a closing deal signature.






Thanks to the Property Tour 3.0, you will dazzle your prospects. Based on the 360° panoramas captured with Nodalview, you are sure to offer a first-rate visit.

Once your virtual tour is ready to go, our intuitive interface sends an automatic invitation email to your leads. All you have to do is activate the audio to start your visit. This solution becomes an added value to differentiate yourself and ultimately offer a professional-looking final product. 

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85% of future buyers want to visit a property online before making the first visit on-site: it's time to rethink the way you do business.

Stand out and develop a modern and innovative visual communication strategy. Our property tour 3.0 helps you be more efficient and create a new way of generating leads. 

Nodalview on mobile and desktop

85% of future buyers want to visit a property online before making the first visit on-site.

Achieve new levels with our integrated solution

Each of our 4 functionalities is designed to help you reach a maximum number of prospects thanks to a diversified visual communication strategy.