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Nodalview Success Story: Laforêt Quimperlé

Ce qui rend Christophe unique ? Après un parcours scolaire difficile, il a pris son avenir en main en se formant à la technologie. Il se qualifie lui-même d'"avant-gardiste", toujours à l'affût des nouvelles technologies et de la manière de les détourner pour que son entreprise ait le plus de succès possible.
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How to Create a Real Estate Youtube Channel?

Create your own real estate Youtube channel and demonstrate professionalism, build trust among your prospects and increase the number of contact.
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How to become the real estate seller's first choice?

How can you be chosen as the partner of a sale? Here’s an overview of the best practices to attract prospects and convince them of your ability.
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The holy grail of estate agents: the exclusive mandate

It’s ok to admit it, you dream of signing nothing but exclusive mandates. We agree. It’s not always a done deal though, but if you haven’t failed, you haven’t tried. So if you want to sign a lot more exclusive mandates, we explain the secrets of those familiar with this process. And, above all, help you take action.
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Discover the true potential of your listing by being on top of your marketing

Boost the potential of your real estate ads with the use of QR codes. This article explains how to maximize your reach by using offline marketing.
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How can you sell faster and increase your selling price at the same time?

The traditional sales process in real estate is very time-consuming for real estate agents. We estimated that an agent needs around 27 days to complete this entire process from start to finish. But what if there was a faster and more efficient way? What if we told you that thanks to innovation and optimising your processes, you can decrease the time of sale and increase the selling price of your listing?