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Nodalview Partner Story: Côté Particuliers

Côté Particuliers is a French real estate network that groups together around 120 agencies across France. Their values are proximity, transparency, digitization, and honest transactions. Partnering with Nodalview since 2022, the network has chosen Nodalview as their digitization partner for their agencies.
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How to stand out by creating attractive content

This practical ebook for estate agents guides you through the process of successfully promoting your properties by creating attractive content. Download the ebook now.
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Capture the attention of potential customers with powerful images

In this article Massimo Forte explains how to capture the attention of potential clients and the importance of powerful images. Read it now!
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Does your business reflect your content and your authenticity?

Is communicating products the best way to boost your real estate business? Or can we be more empathetic and creative to attract more contacts by combining Product Marketing with Content Marketing with its own personality?
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8 tips when shooting a home

Organising and shooting a brand new listing is mandatory if you want to be able to promote it online and find potential buyers. But as easy as it seems to just take a picture of a room, there are plenty of mistakes to avoid and logistics to think about before even clicking the camera. In this article Juanjo Sobrino, professional photographer, shares some tips on how to prepare for a property photo shoot. Let's get to it.
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6 tips on how and why you should use a tripod

Professional photographer Juanjo Sobrino shares why you should always use a tripod in real estate photography.