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We help agents overcome their daily challenges. Talking to industry experts, customers and partners enables us to bring content to help you. We address various topics such as differentiating yourself in a competitive market, getting more listings, and relationship building. Our goal is to help you win more and sell faster with happy and loyal customers.

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How to Remain Competitive With the Real Estate Virtual Tour?

With the Coronavirus crisis, the use of virtual tour for real estate has multiplied. For Olivier Alonso, CEO of the Nestenn Group: "The business is changing and the commercial approach has changed: nobody wants to waste time anymore, neither the client nor the agent. By presenting a selection of virtual tours to the customer, you save time and efficiency. If the customer is seduced on the virtual side, he will certainly be seduced during the visit."
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Stay ahead of your competition with floor plans

When it comes to property listings, including floor plans can have a huge impact - 93% of buyers say that they are more likely to view a property with a floor plan. Discover why you need to include floor plans in your listings and how to get started!

How virtual experiences are shaping the future of real estate

Martin Bromfield and Thomas Lepelaars discuss first-hand insights on what the winning success formula is in 2022.
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The #1 secret of the most efficient real estate agents

Only 35% of all working hours in a real estate agency are spent on winning new listings. Imagine raising this to 50%, or higher. Saving time is the ultimate secret. Get the free quick guide now.
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How to stand out by creating attractive content

This practical ebook for estate agents guides you through the process of successfully promoting your properties by creating attractive content. Download the ebook now.
EbooksDifferentiate yourself

How to stand out from your competition by using social media

This ebook will guide you through the process of successfully promoting your properties by using social media. Download the ebook now.